Studio Display screen compatible with Windows

Apple announced that its new screen, “Studio Display”, is compatible to work on personal and desktop computers running the “Windows” operating system, but the users’ experience will not be as efficient as using the screen with Apple devices running its own macOS operating system.

The company indicated, in its statement to the “Mac Rumors” website, that the features that require the use of its own operating system will not be available to “Windows” users, and this includes the Center Stage feature dedicated to keeping the user in the middle of the shooting frame during FaceTime conversations, as well as the True Tone feature intended to configure The degree of color saturation according to the ambient light in the room.

But surprisingly, Apple said on its website that Studio Display users will need to rely on the latest versions of the Mac operating system if they want to use the front camera on its new screen, and this reflects that its users with Windows devices will not be able to use Camera in video chats.

Apple also made it clear that the display resolution on its new screen will change from one operating system to another, and that its use on Windows devices may deprive it of some features that require updating its software system, which is only compatible with its Mac operating system.

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