Study shows that cell phone is the only internet access point for 62% of Brazilians

2023-05-16 13:40:00

Brazil is considered the 5th country in the world ranking of countries with the highest number of internet users, showing that a large part of our population already has access to the network.

In a new study by TIC Domicílios 2022, commissioned by the Internet Management Committee in Brazil (, it was found that most internet users in Brazil (62%) have access to the network only via cell phone. Of the 149 million users (81% of the population), 92 million only browse the web and use digital services via smartphones.

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In the new study carried out by the Regional Center for Studies for the Development of the Information Society ( of the Information and Coordination Center of Ponto BR (, it was noted that the use of the internet only by cell phone is higher among women (64%), blacks (63%) and browns (67%) and individuals belonging to social classes DE (84%) in Brazil.

Smartphone use as the only way to access the Internet is also prevalent among those who have Early Childhood Education or are illiterate (92%) and people aged 60 or over (75%), as well as residents of rural areas (78%).

Where there are signs of a barrier to the internet is where we have the highest proportions of users who only access via cell phone, such as classes DE and rural areas.

Fabio Storinocoordinator of ICT Households

The study also pointed out that 95% of internet users (142 million people) access the web daily or almost every day. In classes A (93%) and B (91%), the rate of assiduous users exceeds 90%. The percentage drops to 81% in class C and 60% in classes DE.

Despite this, the survey also reveals that 36 million people do not access the internet in any way in the country. The group stands out more in urban areas (29 million), with education up to Elementary School (29 million), black and brown (21 million), DE classes (19 million) and aged 60 years or more (18 million ).

Some of the main reasons given by those who have never surfed the internet are lack of interest (35%) and lack of computer skills (26%). Another 15% said price is a barrier to entry.

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In the same survey, it was also possible to collect data on households with access to the network. Internet presence was stable between 2021 (82%) and 2022 (80%), but showed differences within the margin of error. According to new data, access to the network – either via fixed broadband or mobile data plan – is done in 60 million homes in the country.

It can be noted that there is a connection in 100% of class A residences. The percentage drops gradually according to the families’ financial standard: 97% in class B; 87% in class C; and 60% in DE classes.

Connections via cable or fiber optics are the most common in the country. Technologies are present in 38 million households.

Finally, the study also revealed that 15 million households do not have any type of access to the network. Service price (28%) and lack of skill (26%) are the main reasons for not connecting.

The current edition of TIC Domicílios was carried out with 20,688 individuals and 23,292 Brazilian households with data collected between June and October of last year.

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