Su Yunzi is rumored to be the first to show up after her mother returned to Hong Kong to take care of her for 2 months after she was hidden in the snow. She became happy and fat (18:55) – 20230401 – SHOWBIZ

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Article date: April 01, 2023

At the beginning of this year, it was reported that Su Yunzi was transferred from “Love‧Homecoming Happy Express” by Xue Zang due to her frequent lateness and poor acting skills. After several months, Su Yunzi finally appeared today to participate in the opening ceremony of the variety show “Mission Impossible”. She denied that “Mission Impossible” was the first work in this period, saying that there were also work during it. Seen at the scene, Su Yunzi’s face was rounder than before. She said she was happy and fat. Her mother came to Hong Kong from Canada for two months. She had her mother’s loving soup to drink, and she took her mother out for food. Su Yunzi said: “My mother has returned to Canada, and I have also started to exercise hard to lose weight. Filming this program requires a physical challenge.” When asked if the program will train her to be on time, Su Yunzi said: “I have always been ok, be yourself, grasp the Every opportunity. (Is my mother ever worried regarding the reports?) I don’t have any news, and she will worry too. I don’t care much regarding the news, but the most important thing is my mother’s trust in me.”

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