Summer Weather Recap: Figures Show Surprising Results Amidst Mixed Impressions

2023-08-31 17:20:00

This Friday September 1st no longer marks the day of the return to school – in Wallonia and Brussels at least – but always the beginning of the meteorological autumn. Given the mixed summer that is ending, one would be tempted to say that fall has been here for a few weeks, apart from a few hot days in mid-August. Since June 1 and the beginning of the meteorological summer, we can say that the summer has been mixed. This is an opportunity to take stock, with the first figures from the IRM, the Royal Meteorological Institute. “The feeling that we have is sometimes biased, because the summer was not so rotten if we look at the figures”, immediately warns Pascal Mormal, meteorologist at the IRM.

Weather: a variable and cool week, before the start of autumn under the sun, “the good weather will set in from Saturday”

If we look first at the average temperature, we arrive at Uccle – reference station – at 18.9 degrees over all three summer months, i.e. one degree more than the average temperature over the period 1991 -2020. “This makes summer 2023 the fifth hottest over the period, but I prefer to take all the data since 1833. Summer 2023 is then the seventh hottest since the beginning of the records, it is not not nothing, assures Pascal Mormal. The summer was therefore quite hot, and it was essentially due to the quite exceptional month of June that we experienced. July and August were just below average.”

The Belgian tourist report for the summer marked by the capricious weather and the new school calendar

In terms of precipitation, we arrive in Uccle at just over 290 millimeters, against an average of 234.2 mm. “July and August were wetter than June, but not excessively, he says. If we take into account the number of rainy days, we arrive at 46 days over the whole of the summer, against 42.6 on average. For stormy days, we arrive at 43 days, compared to 39 on average.

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Figures that contrast with this impression of rotten summer. It must be said that it was above all the weeks in the heart of summer, at the end of July/beginning of August, which were particularly bad and which weighed on the morale of the Belgians. “For the start of the school year, the news is good, on the other hand, launches the meteorologist. The forecasts are even more optimistic than at the start of the week, with a few summer days (over 25 degrees) at least until September 10.”

Pascal Mormal, the meteorologist who makes the weather rain and shine: “Even the weather has become political”
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