Surprise for those who win an auction about Elvis Presley’s belongings

Personal items belonging to the late rock and roll star Elvis Presley are expected to fetch big when they go up for auction this week.

The roughly 40 items include a jacket designed by the man who designed his famous cloak-style suit, a briefcase and a handwritten address book expected to fetch more than $10,000.

Brigitte Croce, founder of Croce GWS Auctions, said the address book included “the people he was closest to and with whom he was most connected.”

“We actually have some of his personal notes (in the record) which we will leave as a surprise to the bidder,” she added.

Interest in the American singer, who died in 1977, has heightened following the release of the Oscar-nominated biopic “Elvis” last year and the recent death of his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley.

The auction, called “Antiques from Hollywood and the World of Music”, which will be held on January 28, also features pieces belonging to Marilyn Monroe and Lisa Minnelli.

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