Survival auto shooter roguelite REMEDIUM: Sentinels is storming into Early Access today

REMEDIUM: Sentinels, the gritty time-survival game with roguelite elements set in the post-apocalyptic renaissance universe of REMEDIUM from developer Sobaka Studio and publisher ESDigital Games, is coming to humanity’s last remaining stronghold on PC via Steam Early Access , with a launch on the Epic Games Store soon.

A continent that was once teeming with life is now being ravaged by the Gray Plague, infecting all species and turning them into horrifying, bloodthirsty chimeras. In their desperation to save what little remains of human existence, scientists have forged giant alchemical golems – Sentinels – as a last line of defense. Control these powerful Guardians to decimate the infectious hordes until the reactor runs dry.

Destroy endless swarms of grotesque mutants that threaten the human survivors with a diverse arsenal of automatic, upgradable weapons. Search the devastated fields for glowing elements and rare items to combine and craft extraordinary alchemical feats such as upgraded weapons, fiery grenades and elemental force fields.

Prepare for escalating swarms of aggressive monstrosities and massive bosses with a greater variety of weapon combos and add-ons. Find the right build for each playable Sentinel to create the optimal build that balances effective monster blasting with defensive tactics to improve survivability.

“REMEDIUM: Sentinels offers a fresh take on the classic bullet hell genre with a twist of Doom and Diablo,” said the development team at Sobaka Studio. “We look forward to expanding the REMEDIUM universe with this fun, fast-paced survival mission.”

REMEDIUM: Sentinels is available now on PC via Steam Early Access for $2.99/€2.99 with a 10% introductory discount for one week.

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For more information, visit ESDigital Games on YouTube, follow @SobakaStudio and @ESDigital_Games on Twitter, join the Discord community and follow #REMEDIUMSentinels on social media.

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