“Survivor Island: Meet the 4 Finalists and Predict the Winner”

2023-05-18 02:20:00

The competition is defined between the 4 participants: Aco Pérez, Camilo Pardo, Juan del Mar and Juan Palau, making it clear that the slightest mistake can be transcendental.

Initially, Aco Pérez, has been one of the participants with the most grace and enthusiasm, since his personality has given his companions more than a smile. However, he has also been the focus of contention over his strategies.

For his part, Juan del Mar came to strengthen his tribe, demonstrating that his experience was the pillar to preserve himself, in addition his essence aroused the admiration of his peers, generating that he is now among the 4 finalists.

Also, Juan Palau has opened up the field in the competition due to his perseverance, as it has allowed him to survive on the island, to the point of earning his place among the finalists.

Finally, Camilo Pardo, known as “El Mago”, has been one of the most controversial participants in the program, not only for being a fierce competitor, deserving of several immunities, but also for creating a strategy to stay until the end, and the which has not been well received by those who have been eliminated.

There is little left to know the winner, who of these 4 seasoned will take the grand prize?

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