Suspension of regular surgeries in Mamatsio 2024-02-16 02:59:31

Since February 1st, when the Kozani hospital has only two anesthesiologists, no scheduled regular surgery is performed in cases of surgery and other fields (ENT, ophthalmological, orthopedic and gynecological cases).

Lack of anesthesiologists at the Kozani hospital

As he explained, speaking to APE-MBE, the president of the Union of Doctors and Health Centers Dyt. Macedonia’s Triantafyllos Triantafyllidis, until today (February 15) “at least 30 regular surgeries should have been performed in cases of the surgical field, which is not happening due to the lack of anesthetists”.

In order to start performing regular surgeries at the hospital, the actions of the Region, according to the deputy regional health director, nephrologist Anastasios Foudoglou, are focused on two points: “the cooperation of a private anesthesiologist from Kozani, who already offers services at the public hospital of Veria and in the internal transportation, for ten days a month, of an anesthesiologist out of the three that Grevena hospital has”.

Besides, in a scheduled meeting of the Region, in the next ten days, with the political leadership of the Ministry of Health, Mr. Foudoglou explained that “we will ask to be given the opportunity to discuss as a Region, with all stakeholders, a regional health map, which will offer a solution to the ongoing problem of lack of medical staff in our hospitals”.

The director of the hospital, Dimitris Siolos, during the meeting stated that “in the immediate future, the Kozani hospital will proceed with the announcement of two permanent positions of anesthesiologists in order to provide a long-term solution to the problem”.

For his part, the president of the Kozani Medical Association, Haris Tsaevekidis, emphasized that the Medical Association, although it has no administrative authority, nevertheless “we will contribute as much as we can by inviting fellow doctors to offer services, covering the on-call schedule of the Kozani hospital and elsewhere he needs”.

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The problem at the Mamatsio hospital in Kozani was created when one of the three anesthesiologists – a retired military doctor who offered his services under contract for the last two years – stopped his cooperation. This resulted in the two remaining anesthetists, after a fortnight’s on-call schedule each in ICT, clinics, etc. not being able to cover the daily operation of the hospital’s regular surgeries.

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