Syria: Russian UN veto blocks humanitarian aid for 3 million people

  • Anna Foster
  • BBC Middle East correspondent

8 julio 2022


Displaced Syrians living in Idlib have relied heavily on UN deliveries

Russia has vetoed a UN Security Council resolution authorizing cross-border deliveries of vital aid to opposition-controlled northwestern Syria.

The closure of the last route from Turkey puts risk of starvation to more than three million people.

BBC correspondent Anna Foster has been following one of the latest convoys aid from the UN who were allowed to enter the country.

Umm Ali carefully boils a pot of water to prepare dinner for her seven children. feed the fire with scraps of cardboard and trash, whatever you can find to keep the flames burning. The food she prepares is small and basic, because in the Al-Sadaqah camp, in the countryside of Idlib, supplies are scarce.

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