Syrian Civil War Update: Rising Death Toll And Escalating Tensions in Damascus

2024-01-02 04:21:00

Foreign news agencies reported from Damascus, Syria on January 2 that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that the civil war in Syria has resulted in at least a death toll. 4,360 cases in 2023, which is an increasing number Compared to statistics of at least 3,825 deaths in 2022.

In the total number of deaths, 1,889 were civilians, while the remaining 2,471 were killed by fighters from both pro- and anti-government factions.

Even the battlefield in Syria which the war broke out in March 2011 has calmed down a lot lately. But there were waves of tension. Since the war between Israel and Hamas Erupted on October 7, 2023, with an air attack from “Unknown forces” frequently attack targets in Syria One of them was the incident on December 30 that resulted in the deaths of at least 25 pro-Iran fighters, and SOHR suspects that Israel is the attacker.

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