Ta Ya made a total profit of 680 million yuan from disposing of Baorui and Yingwei’s holdings | Anue tycoon-Taiwan stock news

Daya (1609-TW) Announced today (12th) that since the end of August last year, Baorui (6472-TW) and Yingwei (6515-TW) shareholding, the total disposal profit reached 683 million yuan. In addition, through the subsidiary Dare Venture Capital to dispose of Yingwei’s shareholding, the disposal profit also reached 160 million yuan.

Dare disposed of 979 Baorui, with an average transaction value of 705.47 yuan per share, a total transaction value of approximately 691 million yuan, and a disposal profit of 529 million yuan. After this disposition, Dare Investment’s shareholding in Baorui dropped to regarding 48, with a shareholding ratio of 0.06%.

In addition, 655 pieces of Yingwei were disposed of, with an average transaction amount of 586.9 yuan per share, a total transaction amount of 384 million yuan, and a disposal profit of 154 million yuan. The number of shares held by Ta Ya dropped to 25, with a shareholding ratio of 0.07%.

From December 1st last year to April 12th this year, Dare also disposed of 857 shares held by Yingwei through its subsidiary Dare Creative Investment. The total transaction amount was 532 million yuan, and the average transaction amount per share was 620.57 yuan. 160 million yuan. Dare Venture Capital’s shareholding in Yingwei fell to regarding 235 shares, accounting for 0.68%.

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