Ahmed El-Sakka by Ramez Jalal: Oh, crazy son!

The Egyptian artist, Ahmed El-Sakka, was the victim of the second episode of the dumps program, “Ramez Never End.” He did not spare the words of ridicule he received from the presenter, Ramez Jalal. According to the nature of the program, Al-Sakka was received by the media, Carla Haddad, to open a flying restaurant in … Read more

Ahmed El-Sakka documents his biography in the world of metaphysics… This is what he will do

The international “Arab Utopia” Foundation announced its contract with the star Ahmed El Sakka to enter the world of Web3 and Metaverse, as part of its keenness to document the history of Arab and Egyptian art with the latest technological technologies. In this context, the artist Ahmed El-Sakka documents his biography and his rich artistic … Read more

Oh, your friend, Farhan, with the fine..The first comment from Mai Al-Aidan, after the verdict against her in the case of mocking the artist, “Ahmed Badir,” describing him as “al-Aqra’”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, responded to her fine, in favor of the Egyptian artist, Ahmed Badir, with 500 dinars, on charges of insulting him about two years ago. And she said in a tweet to her on her official account on Twitter: “Oh, your friend, Ahmed Badir Farhan, with a fine of 500 … Read more

Ahmed Al-Shamrani reveals the strangest reason behind his desire for Al-Ahly not to achieve the “Yellow League” title – video

Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Ahmed Al-Shamrani wished that Al-Ahly Club would not achieve the Yellow League this season so that it would not be written in the club’s history. Al-Shamrani said, through an appearance on the “Sada Al-Mulaeb” program: “The title is not coveted. We hope that Al-Ahly will not achieve the league title so … Read more

The truth about the illness of the artist, Ahmed El-Sakka, after appearing with a pale face during the promo of the series “Al-Kabir Awy”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A scene by the Egyptian artist Ahmed El-Sakka, in the promotional video for the series “Al-Kabeer Awy”, sparked a state of controversy on social media, especially since he appeared with a pale face during the series’ promo. For her part, his media wife, Maha Al-Saghir, responded to the controversy surrounding Al-Sakka’s disease, stressing … Read more

In the photo – the case of Sheikh Ahmed Al-Rifai continued.. Weapons store in a ‘school’ owned by the killer!

Al-Jadeed correspondent reported that an army intelligence force in Akkar raided the Andalus School building owned by the mayor of Al-Qarqaf, Yahya Al-Rifai, who is accused of kidnapping and killing the imam of the town, Sheikh Ahmed Shuaib Al-Rifai, last Monday. The sources pointed out to Al-Jadeed that the raid was based on an investigation … Read more