Drug Authority: Spinach affects blood clotting drugs, and garlic threatens bleeding

revealed drug authority Al-Masria in its guideline for the most famous drug interactions with foods, in order to safely deal with medicines, as the aim of the guide is to provide reference documentation for the most important advice that the patient needs for safe handling of medicine. The authority stated that eating leafy vegetables such … Read more

[클릭, 글로벌 제약·바이오]Aspirin prevention of ovarian cancer, vitamin D relief of depression

[이데일리 유진희 기자]Global pharmaceutical and bio industry issues of a week (August 15-August 21) were collected. This week, research results related to disease prevention and alleviation drew attention. (Photo = Image Today) Healthday News reported that aspirin is helpful in the prevention of ovarian cancer. The research team, led by Professor Lauren Huritz of the … Read more

Does a heart stent patient take medication for life? – Hossam Mowafi Yah

Dr. Hossam Mowafi, Professor of Critical Cases at Kasr Al-Ainy College of Medicine, revealed a drug that people who have undergone heart stent surgery should take it for life. Read also: Coronary artery insufficiency..Doctor causes it Muwafi said during his program “My Lord, give me knowledge”, which is broadcast on Echo Al-Balad channel, that heart … Read more

After taking the medicine, he went blind in the right eye without a follow-up consultation.

[The Epoch Times, July 09, 2022 New York Business News]During the epidemic, many people are worried about contracting the virus and reduce the frequency of going out, so more patients who only take medicine and do not return to the doctor.one hadstrokeof Chinese elders take the anticoagulant drug aspirin on a regular basis, but fail … Read more

Stroke and infarction. Preventive intake of aspirin would actually be dangerous for patients

According to the American learned society US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), it is at best useless and at worst dangerous to take low-dose aspirin daily in an effort to prevent a cardiovascular incident such as myocardial infarction or stroke, report our colleagues from Figaro Sunday, May 15, 2022. On the other hand, this type … Read more