“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”: filter the face of the masked agent Ghost | PS5 | Xbox Series X | PC | DEPOR-PLAY

The war between the shooters is really wide. While there are dozens of titles in the Battle Royale genre, Activision opted for a classic title for this year: “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2″. This game has gone viral on streaming platforms because it has massive servers where players set their own rules. On the … Read more

The producer of “Yanxi Palace” revealed that the actress’s true face is the first to talk about “Ruby Lin’s heart knot” | Entertainment | CTWANT

Well-known producer Yu Zheng expressed his views on many artists. (Photo/Retrieved from Yuzheng, Ruby Lin Weibo) Mainland China’s gold-medal producer Yu Zheng has made a lot of stars, including Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, Wu Jinyan, etc. He has also filmed many well-known dramas, such as “Story of Yanxi Palace”, “The Legend of Hao Lan” and … Read more

Several people arrested during the Ducasse d’Ath following a demonstration organized against the character of the Savage

The Ducasse d’Ath is coming to an end and it’s time to take stock of the “safety” of the weekend. The police forces were numerous since 444 police officers were mobilized during the weekend. “There were also 40 missing, which we were not able to provide. The support of seven cameras placed especially for the … Read more

Take it away!Big star | Zhang Yunlong doesn’t expect “explosion”, but wants to live a stable life and wants to try to write a script and become a new director._Entertainment_Luo Shaochuan_Qiao Chusheng

Original title: Take it away!Big star | Zhang Yunlong does not expect “explosion”, but wants to live a stable life and wants to try to write a script as a new director Sohu Entertainment News (Ma Rongling/Wen Mason/Photo) Recently, Zhang Yunlong was a guest on Sohu Video’s self-produced variety show “Hold it away!” superstar”. In … Read more

Habib Elissa Al-Sri is a famous personality and his beauty is the talk of the followers

After her fans longed for her new song, the Lebanese singer Elissa released the song “Ana Wabas” on YouTube, which was written by the poet Ahmed Madi and composed by the artist Ziad Burji, where the song gained a high viewership a few hours after its release. Elissa filmed the song in the way of … Read more

The New York Times selects five Basque restaurants with character

Óscar García, from the Txakoli Simón restaurant. / JORDI ALEMANY . “Eating well is an absolute priority in the North of Spain”, reads the NYT article The New York Times has selected five Basque restaurants with “personality and character” for a report on gastronomy in the Basque Country published this week in the North American … Read more