Abbot Pierre, come back!

When we are at the heart of humanity, when it is only about the essential, is it possible to order priorities? Is it even just decent? Health, food, housing, civil peace… everything is burning. With this characteristic specific to housing that its failure causes death. In France today, not having a roof over your head … Read more

Hyori Lee, comeback as a singer after 6 years…announced ‘Hoodie and Shorts’ on the 12th[스타이슈]

2023-10-02 13:44:34 Reporter Han Hae-seon | 2023.10.02 22:44 /Photo = Antenna Singer Lee Hyori is making a comeback after 6 years. On the 2nd, a mood film video titled “Lee Hyori’s digital single ‘Hoodie and Shorts’” was posted on Lee Hyori’s agency Antenna’s official channel. In the video, Lee Hyori is seen leaning against a … Read more

Chaotic Friday Night Altercation at Cafe in Oupeye: Knife-Wielding Man and Gun-Brandishing Mother Arrested

2023-08-12 16:10:00 Hectic end of the evening this Friday around 11 p.m. in a café in Oupeye. There was an altercation between a 27-year-old young man and the customers present. The young man left the cafe but returned a few moments later with a bread knife… and with his parents! The young man threatened customers … Read more

Miss Belgium Foiled Attack: Gaëtan Bartosz Recalls Scary Night on Stage

2023-05-10 13:17:01 Faced with Faustine Bollaert, the host of Radio Contact evoked the evening of February 11, the day of the election of Miss Belgium. France 2 Published on 05/10/2023 at 15:17 By XV Remember. On February 11, a man from Lommel was arrested in De Panne. The forty-year-old intended to commit an attack during … Read more

For the Smooth Flow of Return, Restrictions on Freight Transport Extended to May 2, 2023

2023-04-26 18:06:00 – Korlantas Polri and the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) extended the rules for limiting the transportation of goods during the return flow of the 2023 Eid. Initially, the restriction on the return flow of goods was in the period April 26 – 28 2023. Now it has been extended to May 2 … Read more

After derailing the Golden Horse actress 4 years ago… The rapper came back and was “banned again within 1 day”. The collapse asked netizens to let it go | Entertainment | CTWANT

2023-04-23 12:50:00 PG ONE suddenly tried to make a comeback recently, but just after posting the first video, the new account was banned immediately. (Picture / flip from Weibo) In 1998, mainland actress Li Xiaolu won the Best Actress Award at the 35th Golden Horse Awards for her superb performance in the movie “Tian Yu”, … Read more