Ukraine live ticker: Many dead after Russian rocket attacks on Odessa 2024-03-16 04:27:49

The G-7 countries have threatened Iran with significant new sanctions if it supplies Russia with ballistic missiles for use in Ukraine. “We reiterate our call for third parties to immediately stop providing material support to Russia’s illegal and unjustified war of aggression against Ukraine,” otherwise they would face “serious costs,” the G7 said Friday. “Should … Read more

Ukraine live ticker: EU reaches agreement on financing arms deliveries 2024-03-13 18:23:36

After months of negotiations, the EU states have agreed to continue joint financing of military equipment for Ukraine. According to the agreement reached in Brussels on Wednesday, the move is intended to enable the delivery of Weapons, ammunition and other goods worth at least five billion euros guarantee, according to information from the current Belgian … Read more

Ukraine live ticker: Pro-Ukrainian fighters have allegedly conquered a Russian village 2024-03-12 19:09:28

Since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression, more than 1,000 seriously injured or sick Ukrainians have received medical treatment in Germany. Next to 692 soldiers it is about Civiliansincluding Kinder, as the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday. In the entire European Union have taken … Read more

Ukraine live ticker: Ukraine reports shooting down of 35 Russian drones 2024-03-10 10:48:51

Pope Francis has called for negotiations in Russia’s war against Ukraine. “When you see that you are defeated, that things are not going well, you have to have the courage to negotiate,” said the head of the Catholic Church in an interview on Swiss television published in advance at the weekend. Without directly naming either … Read more

Baerbock calls on Lavrov to end the war 2024-02-22 05:32:03

AForeign Minister Annalena Baerbock addressed her Russian colleague Sergei Lavrov directly at the meeting of the G-20 foreign ministers of the leading economic powers and called for an end to the war in Ukraine. “If you care about human lives, if you care about your own people, Russian children and young people, you must end … Read more

Ukraine live ticker: Baerbock to Putin before the G20 meeting: The world will not be forgotten 2024-02-21 07:01:38

According to President Vladimir Putin, Russia is “categorically against” stationing nuclear weapons in space.We have always been categorically against the deployment of nuclear weapons in space and will continue to be so,” Putin said on Tuesday at a televised meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Previously, the US had accused Russia of developing such an … Read more

Lavrov believes that the war “has united Russia to an unprecedented degree” |

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov holds his annual press conference in Moscow this Thursday.MAXIM SHEMETOV (REUTERS) The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, considers that the war against Ukraine has served to unite citizens. “The special military operation [el nombre oficial del Kremlin para una invasión que se encamina a su tercer año] “It has united … Read more

Latest News and Updates on the Ukraine War: Survey Shows Dramatic Drop in Support for Putin’s War

2023-12-01 18:01:00 News blog about the Ukraine war Survey: Support for Putin’s war has fallen dramatically From t-online, dpa, afp,, bm, te, cli, aj, wan, lim, LMA Updated on December 1st, 2023 – 7:01 p.m. Reading time: 26 min. Vladimir Putin: A survey sees little support for his war against Ukraine. (Source: Mikhail Klimentyev/dpa) … Read more