The Exemption of Al-Hilal, Al-Ittihad, and Al-Nasr from the Reserve League: Insights from Sports Journalist Saud Al-Sarami

2023-07-03 13:16:51 Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Saud Al-Sarami revealed that Al-Hilal, Al-Ittihad and Al-Nasr did not participate in the Reserve League. Al-Sarami wrote on his Twitter account on the photo: “Al-Hilal, Al-Ittihad, and Al-Nasr clubs apologize for participating in the reserve league after the (recent) decision to make participation optional instead of mandatory, as was … Read more

“Kindness in Action: Citizen Offers Tourist Money in Heartwarming Video”

2023-04-30 04:18:35 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The pioneers of social networking sites circulated a video clip of a citizen insisting on giving a tourist some money to secure his needs that he wants. In the video, the citizen appeared as he provided money to the tourist sitting inside the vehicle with him, and asked him to accept … Read more

You are an Arab and you love bullying..Watch the latter’s reaction! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Abdullah Khoqir, the former player and president of Al-Wehda Club, revealed the reason for slapping the club’s goalkeeper in the face after Al-Wehda lost 3-0 to Al-Ittihad in a match that took place 27 years ago. In the dialogues, what will happen? The journalist, Majed Al-Tuwaijri, asked “Khoqir” a question, saying: “You are … Read more

I wasn’t comfortable with you…Watch the latter’s reaction • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The famous Lebanese journalist, Ali Ajami, thanked the famous Snapchat Rahaf Al-Qahtani for hosting him. And he documented a video clip, the moment Rahaf bid farewell to “Ajami”, and she says to him, “You enlightened me, welcome,” while the latter thanked her for the good hosting, and told him, “You really make me … Read more

A toxic substance caused their death… Sidon The two children, Razan and Rayan, are buried

The city of Sidon held funerals for the two children, Razan and Rayan Saleh, who died of poisoning more than a week ago. Preliminary investigations indicated the presence of Zinc phosphorus in their stomachs, which is a toxic substance! In an atmosphere of great sadness and sorrow, the two girls, Razan and Rayan Walid Saleh, … Read more

The artist, Fikri Sadiq, describes the late artist, Saeed Saleh, as the “ordinary actor”, and the latter’s daughter responds

Al-Marsad newspaper: The statements of the artist, Fikri Sadiq, sparked controversy and topped the social networking sites, after he talked about the artist Saeed Saleh and the movie Salam, my friend. Sadiq said: “Adel Imam is the star, while Saeed Saleh is an ordinary actor and there are many like him,” which exposed him to … Read more

Nice scene… A child breaks through security to hug Cristiano Ronaldo (video)

A video clip spread on social media showing a young boy hacking the security of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo to reach him and hug him. The video clip shows the child, a fan of Ronaldo, wearing the number 7 shirt and heading towards the star as the latter goes to the team bus. Before security … Read more

In the video – “Mayass” arouses the audience for its latest show: “Review, Reconstructs Lebanon”

To the rhythm of “Raj’a Longer Lebanon”, “Mayas” band reminded its wide audience of its latest show, which it presents today on the “America’s Got Talent” theater, saying via “Instagram”: “Tonight is the night we put our final mark on the largest stage in the world.” The band will present a final show today at … Read more