“With Dreams” tonight with Nassif Zeytoun via Al-Jadeed

The Syrian artist, Nassif Zaytoun, will be a guest tonight with the Lebanese media, Rabia Al-Zayyat, in a special episode on the new screen, entitled “With Dreams.” A special episode in which Nassif talks about many topics related to his private and artistic life, as Rabia dives with him to reveal the different types of … Read more

Affected by Typhoon “Nig”, Macau will issue the No. 8 northwest typhoon tonight

Global Current Affairs 4AJ6NhOx5lCarticleSouth Korean media said that North Korea fired a missile near South Korea’s territorial waters today, and the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs respondedworld.huanqiu.com 4AJ5abNzIRQarticleBolsonaro loses election, Neymar has become the focus of many foreign mediaworld.huanqiu.com 4AJ3CTy0v9JarticleKorean media: Prime Minister South Korea said that the police will be held accountable after the … Read more

Watch .. The latest appearance of Obama’s wife .. And the disclosure of the cost of one night during her stay in the most luxurious hotels in New York

Exclusive translation: Former first lady Michelle Obama, wife of former US President Obama, is seen leaving the luxury Pierre Hotel in New York City, on Saturday. The presidential suite at the luxury Pierre Hotel, where Michelle Obama was staying, costs $30,000 a night, according to the Daily Mail. Michelle Obama walked out of her residence … Read more

Yorgo Shalhoub tonight with Ali Yassin in the book of fame.. he talked about his divorce, and what about Haifa Wehbe and Moatasem Al-Nahar?

Tonight, the Lebanese actor Yorgo Shalhoub will be a guest with Ali Yassin on the “Kitab Al-Shahra” program. An episode full of frank and surprising statements made by Yorgo about his artistic career and his private life from childhood until today, through marriage, divorce and the emigration of his children.Also in the context of the … Read more

Sadalsky demands to return Galkin to the role of the host of “Tonight”

Natalia Mikheeva Actor and blogger Stas Sadalsky closely follows what is happening on Channel One. Maksim Galkin. Photo: Global Look Press Popular artist and famous blogger Stas Sadalsky carefully monitors the ratings of the Saturday program “Tonight” on Channel One. He began to do this from the moment the ballet dancer and rector of the … Read more