Gas: 5 cents more per kilowatt hour – the levy should rise to up to 1000 euros

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Energy crisis: EU apparently agrees on gas emergency plan – but Germany remains in Putin’s hands

DOver the past decade, Germany has repeatedly taken its own path in the EU – especially with the energy transition. No major European country has … Read more

“Mother Watermelon” spoke and then hired “lawyer Kishna” to take care of the watermelon case or not after being exposed to fraud

On March 9, 65, at 12:30 p.m., the progress of the “Watermelon Case”, Mrs. Panida Siriyuthyothin, Mae Melon Nida came to the police station. Muang … Read more

Ukraine conflict: Habeck and Lemke advise against extending nuclear lifespans

economy supply bottlenecks Habeck and Lemke advise against extending the nuclear lifetime As of 4:53 a.m | Reading time: 3 minutes More than two euros … Read more