“The Tragic Reality of Drug Abuse in Philadelphia’s Kensington District: Exploring the Xylazine Epidemic”

2023-05-28 07:04:35 Drug abuse is rampant in Philadelphia, USA. Addicts fall to the side of the road after smoking, and syringes are scattered all over the place. The picture is a file photo, not from Philadelphia. (File Photo / Associated Press) The Kensington district of Philadelphia in the United States has been reduced to a … Read more

This is the Spanish ChatGPT bot for WhatsApp that is sweeping users | Lifestyle

2023-05-15 16:30:20 The truth is that what seemed impossible a few years ago has now become a reality. We are talking about artificial intelligences like ChatGPT, and that allow us to do all kinds of things to give life a little more. Best of all, we have free access to these language and machine learning … Read more

“OPPO’s Find N2 Flip Update: Enhanced Spotify Integration and Multi-Functional External Screen Optimization”

2023-04-26 05:28:55 OPPO recently announced that the flagship folding phone Find N2 Flip has released a major software update to further optimize the operating experience of the multi-function external screen on the app, including supporting “Spotify cards” when playing music, and “voice” for replying to messages. Reply instantly via text.” This time, OPPO and Spotify … Read more

WeChat Mysteriously Updated Netizens Discovered a New Feature: Jay Chou VIP Music Listening for Free_Content_Change_Display

2023-04-20 13:22:00 Original Title: WeChat Mysteriously Updated Netizens Discovered a New Feature: Jay Chou VIP Music Listening for Free Fast Technology News on April 20, Tencent WeChat updated the Android version and iOS version at the same time today, but Tencent kept the update content mysterious, and only said lightly that “fixed some known problems”. … Read more

“Microsoft”: Thanks to artificial intelligence … “Bing” exceeds 100 million daily users

The search engine “Bing” has achieved remarkable growth, by exceeding 100 million daily active users, just a month after the launch of its “chatbot” artificial intelligence program. Youssef Mahdi, Vice President of Microsoft, said that the company is fully aware that it is still just a “small player”. Mahdi pointed out that one-third of Bing’s … Read more

An Indian communication application leaves the data of 153,000 users available on the Internet

A security researcher discovered that a social networking app originating in India had left an internal database of personal data of thousands of users, including children, exposed online for several months. A researcher, Anurag Sen, at CloudDefense, a platform for cloud computing and application risk reduction services, found a security vulnerability leading to the Slick … Read more