Highest Jewish holiday: SPD congratulates Jews with mosque photo Regional

On the highest Jewish holiday | SPD congratulates Jews with mosque photo Well intentioned, badly done: Hesse’s SPD congratulated the Jews on Yom Kippur (October 4-5) on Facebook – and showed a photo of the Dome of the Rock! Although the building is in Jerusalem, it is one of the main Islamic shrines. also read … Read more

New fast-food restaurant brings Hawaiian flair to Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden’s gastronomy scene has recently been enriched by Hawaiian fast food and vegetable smoothies in “Ma’loa”, while Nerostraße has had to say goodbye. Healthy smoothies and vitamin-rich Poké Bowls can be found at Sveatoslav Hamburg’s and his wife’s “Ma’loa” in the pedestrian zone. (Photo: Carsten Siemon) WIESBADEN – Sandy beaches and flower chains, coconuts and … Read more

Inflation at a record high: 250 euros more per capita for food alone

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Hesse: The hot springs once made Wiesbaden rich

Dhe water from the cooking well is 66 degrees hot and comes straight out of the ground. It gives off a sulphurous smell and tastes accordingly. It’s hard to believe that 150 years ago, Wiesbaden spa guests drank up to four liters of it every day. Back then, health was less important. The motto of … Read more