Tai Hang West New Village Reconstruction Plan: Updates, Eligibility and Challenges

2023-06-02 21:45:00

The reconstruction of Tai Hang West New Village has been delayed for more than 10 years and finally a final decision has been made. Most of the residents are elderly. (Photo by Huang Weibang)

The reconstruction of Tai Hang West New Village, which has been delayed for more than 10 years, is finally finalized! Hong Kong Civilian Housing Co., Ltd., which manages Tai Hang West New Village, requires residents to move out in 2024. After reconstruction, the project can provide more than 3,300 units, of which 1,300 units are for eligible residents to move back. It is expected to be completed in 2029, which is higher than originally planned. The plan was postponed for two years. According to the civil housing estate, eligible residents can choose to return the unit permanently; or choose to move back and receive subsidies. Taking a one-person household as an example, during the 5-year reconstruction period, they can receive a rent subsidy of 540,000 yuan and a relocation subsidy of 30,000 yuan at most. However, some councilors strongly criticized the plan of “distributing money to forced evictions, leaving a big picture”, and believed that the reconstruction should try to resettle the residents upstairs, especially the elderly residents of Tai Hang West New Village.

Civilian Housing pointed out that the total number of households in Tai Hang West New Village is 1,236, and there are still 224 households that have not submitted the household information statement. Among the 1,012 households that have submitted, 676 households are eligible, and 324 households are not eligible. households, and there are 12 households waiting for approval.

One-person households can receive 570,000 relocation allowances for 5 years

Eligible households have two options to choose from, including arranging temporary housing by themselves or having the resident social work team assist in recommending and applying for transitional housing; and handing over the unit and moving out permanently. The former households can receive rent subsidies and relocation allowances. Taking a one-person household as an example, they can receive a total of 540,000 yuan in rent subsidies during the five-year period of relocation, with an average of 9,000 yuan per month, while the relocation allowance is 30,000 yuan. The latter can receive a one-time allowance and a relocation allowance. Taking a one-person household as an example, they can receive a one-time allowance of 675,000 yuan and a relocation allowance of 15,000 yuan.

As for tenants who have registered but are not eligible for relocation, they can receive a one-off preferential relocation allowance of 100,000 yuan per person, with a maximum limit of 700,000 yuan per household. However, if the tenant is unwilling to submit the statement of household information, and is unwilling to accept any relocation plan; the civilian housing said that the relevant person may be treated as a “black household” and forced to take over the building. “It is difficult to understand why the tenant did not submit the statement or Reason for refusal to submit”? Residents are urged to submit as soon as possible, and a deadline of two more months will be provided. Assistance will be provided if necessary, and consideration will be given as appropriate.

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Falling into subdivided housing and advocating that the government “give them a piece of public housing”

Regarding the residents’ request for one house for another house, the civilian housing clearly stated that the government will not accept public housing resources to help resettle the residents, and recommends that the residents accept the resettlement plan, but if they apply for transitional housing, it will not help the residents to apply first. “If we go to the top , and it doesn’t seem to be fair.”

Councilor Jiang Yuhuan believes that the reconstruction plan should be people-oriented, and that the practice of only distributing money for forced relocation is not friendly to the elders in the village. She frankly said that she was disappointed with the plan and worried regarding the difficulty of renting out houses for the elders in the village. If a one-person household can only receive a monthly rent subsidy of 9,000 yuan, it means that they will be reduced to subdivided housing. She hopes that the government will take action and “at least give them public housing.”

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