Tamer Amin to Muhammad Ramadan: “Do not withdraw from your balance, and reproach the lover.”

The media, Tamer Amin, spoke about the artist’s comment on the cancellation of his concerts in Alexandria and Damascus, where he said: “You have the authority to cancel my concert, but you do not have my love on earth.”

Tamer Amin said during the “Akher Al-Nahar” program broadcast on Al-Nahar channel: “Mohamed Ramadan is used to provoking controversy on a daily basis. The Syrian party has been canceled, so what to do? And what does he do? He was silent about him in his talk about his love for the earth, so this is Muhammad Ramadan, whether you like it or not. She did not love him, nor hate him, nor defend him, nor attack him. The character doesn’t like to lose a round, and if they lose a round, they run fast and turn the tables.”

He continued: “Muhammad Ramadan is a star and he is famous, but unfortunately he does not say that his works say that he is rigid, but he is always focused. He says I am rigid and the people are who they are supposed to be.” Say it’s number one or not.”

Tamer Amin gave advice to Muhammad Ramadan, saying: “Beware of wasting your talent with your hands, and withdrawing from your balance, and this is a disgrace to the lover and the advice of a loyal friend.”

A state of controversy arose in the past hours, after the official cancellation of the artist’s concert in Alexandria was announced, which raised many questions about the secret of canceling the concert.

The Syndicate of Artists in Syria issued an official statement on its official Facebook page, which stated: “The Artists Syndicate decided not to agree to hold a concert for Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan in Syria, and it ended with a point on the line.”

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And the Artists Syndicate continued in its statement: “What some communication sites do to publish fabricated news, otherwise it does not deviate from its media policy of misinformation and away from professionalism.”

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, recently announced that he will revive a group of concerts in the Arab world, the first of which is a party in Damascus.

The Syndicate of Artists in Syria at the time denied what Ramadan said, noting that he did not provide a permit to hold the ceremony.

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