Taxes: this Thursday, August 10 is the deadline for declaring real estate

2023-08-10 07:15:00

This Thursday, August 10 is the deadline for declaration of real estate.

The deadline had already been postponed for the first time at the end of June by one month, from June 30 to July 31, the Ministry of the Economy then invoking “the influx of statements”then a second time for 24 hours only, from July 31 to August 1, due to a problem accessing the tax website.

Fine of 150 euros

The obligation to declare real estate for residential use came into force on January 1, in order to identify the premises still liable for the residence tax. This was abolished for all main residences in 2023, but remains liable for secondary residences.

On the tax site, each owner must indicate for each of his properties his situation: if it is empty, in what capacity he occupies it himself or decline the identity of a possible tenant.

Latecomers are liable to a fine of 150 euros, but “regarding a new procedure”the General Directorate of Public Finance will demonstrate “kindness” et “no penalty will be applied this year”.

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