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Is the tennis star canceling the US Open? |

Concerns about Nadal’s pregnant wife

Sorgen um Xisca Perello (34), die Frau von Tennis-Star Rafael Nadal (36)!

Actually, the couple is looking forward to the waiting family happiness. Perello is 31 weeks pregnant. The first son is due in October. Now, however, great uncertainty is mixed with the anticipation.

Perello was admitted to a private clinic in Mallorca earlier in the week. “Diario de Mallorca” reports that the reason for this is not known. Open, whether there are complications in the course of pregnancy. On the advice of the doctors, she should undergo an operation there.

At her side is Nadal’s sister, Maria Isabel (33), while Nadal himself is currently in the United States to prepare for the US Open there. The last Grand Slam tournament of the year begins on Monday. Whether Nadal will start despite the worrying news from home is currently not foreseeable.

Nadal has triumphed four times at the US Open (2010, 2013, 2017 and 2019). Last year he had to cancel his participation due to an injury.

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