Terrifying Moments: American Fisherman Swallowed by Giant Whale Off the Coast of Massachusetts

2023-07-05 11:30:47

Weather of Arabia – Sinan Khalaf – terrifying moments experienced by an American fisherman off the coast of the US state of Massachusetts, when he suddenly and without warning found himself in the belly of a giant whale, before the latter uttered it to come out with minor injuries and he was very surprised at what happened!

These details were revealed by Michael Packard, 56, during a television interview with CBS, that he was about 14 meters deep when he was swallowed by a whale off the coast of Provincetown.

At first, Packard thought a shark was trying to swallow him, but he realized his mistake when he didn’t feel the creature’s teeth or any pain.

He added, “Suddenly I felt this big bump, and everything became dark, then I realized that I was in the mouth of the whale, and I stayed in it for about 30 or 40 seconds, before it climbed to the surface of the water and spit me out.”

Packard was able to breathe normally while he was in the belly of the whale thanks to the oxygen cylinder he was carrying.

According to a whale expert at the Provincetown Study Center, Charles Mayo, this type of human-whale encounter is rare.

Mayo pointed out that the humpback whale is not aggressive, and it is likely that this confrontation occurred accidentally, during the whale’s attempt to eat fish at depth.

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