Territoire Charlevoix: Discover the Hidden Gem of Camping and Glamping in the Charlevoix Mountains

2023-09-15 11:00:00

Have you ever heard of Territoire Charlevoix? This is a new camping and glamping site hidden in the Charlevoix mountains.

You have to drive regarding 30 minutes from La Malbaie, on backcountry roads, to reach Territoire Charlevoix. The place opened its doors in February 2022 and offers 15 wild camping sites, as well as 5 rustic shelters designed by the Montreal architecture firm L’Abri.

It only takes two minutes on site to understand why Territoire describes itself as a vacation spot. “free and wild”: here, we are really in the forest, in the middle of a fabulous sea of ​​mountains.

Sarah Bergeron-Ouellet, QMI Agency

To get to shelters or wild campsites, you must leave the car parked and walk between 200 m and 800 m on trails generally with a certain slope.

Élisabeth Lemonde / Photo provided by Territoire Charlevoix

“I wanted to keep people away from cars,” explains Yannick, co-owner and co-creator of Territoire Charlevoix. I wanted to create sites that were isolated, where you barely see or hear your neighbor, but still have a place with a really nice view.” He also wanted to offer a place where you can forget your daily life by immersing yourself in life in nature.

©Magalie Massey / Photo provided by Territoire Charlevoix

Camping archipelagos and designer shelters

At Territoire Charlevoix, the majority of wild campsites are grouped into archipelagos of three islets (or wooden platforms). Each archipelago has its own panoramic shelter on the mountainside, with picnic table, wood stove and terrace. “You can meet your neighbors who perhaps share something with you or you can rent an archipelago for your entire gang,” explains Yannick regarding this concept.

Pascal Anctil / Photo provided by Territoire Charlevoix

The five Territoire refuges, for their part, are strategically scattered across the domain and offer a comfortable and “designer” glamping experience, but still minimalist.

“I found that there were many beautiful refuges offering very luxurious glamping,” explains Yannick. It’s not exotic, you don’t have to reorganize yourself, you arrive there it’s as if you were in a really, really nice hotel room. I wanted something more rustic, but didn’t look from the female dog to Jacques neither! “.

Pascal Anctil / Photo provided by Territoire Charlevoix

The architecture of the shelters, designed by L’Abri, was not left to chance at all. Designed in wood, the homes have modern lines and allow us to zoom in on the panorama thanks to large windows.

Sarah Bergeron-Ouellet, QMI Agency

Sarah Bergeron-Ouellet, QMI Agency

Inside, there is an equipped kitchenette, a dining area and two tatami-type mattresses with a view of the starry sky. No bathroom, running water or electricity. You can instead count on a 20 L container of drinking water (already delivered), lights and power sockets powered by solar energy (if the sun is willing!), a wood stove (with your personal wood cord outside) and a private dry toilet (near your refuge).

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Outside, a covered terrace with picnic table – and view! – as well as a campfire area will also be there just for us.

Whether you are camping or in a shelter, you can easily believe you are alone in the world!

Élisabeth Lemonde / Photo provided by Territoire Charlevoix

A forest refreshment bar to enjoy

Another particularity of the place? Its forest refreshment bar! Since July 2023, the small café-restaurant Oui Oui – Charlevoix has been set up directly in the Territoire reception pavilion.

Sarah Bergeron-Ouellet, QMI Agency

Its co-owner Amélie Lauzon welcomes campers, but also passers-by, in a warm, refined decor, with a menu composed of delicious toast with homemade foccacia baked on site every day. You can also order a latte, a London Fog or a kombucha while strolling on the terrace or in front of the wood stove. And enjoying, there too, the silence of the forest and the view of the Charlevoix reliefs.

Sarah Bergeron-Ouellet, QMI Agency

The costs

Shelters from $150 per night Wild camping from $40 per night

Charlevoix territory in brief

In Sainte-Agnès (La Malbaie), Charlevoix 15 wild camping pitches 5 rustic shelters (all for 1 to 3 people) The café-refreshment bar Yes Yes Charlevoix 2 separate sectors and 2 toilet blocks with showers and toilets Open 4 seasons Dogs not allowed Info: territoirecharlevoix.ca

Yes Yes – forest refreshment bar in brief

Right in the Territoire Charlevoix reception pavilion Open to customers but also to passers-by Little sister of the Oui Oui café-buvette – Quebec Opening hours this fall: Fridays and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Info : www.ouiouicafebuvette.com

Sarah Bergeron-Ouellet, QMI Agency

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