Test drive of the Chinese electric car Zeekr 001: assessing acceleration dynamics and handling – October 3, 2023

2023-10-03 01:01:25

Journalists who tested 001 a year ago complained precisely regarding the connivance of electronics and the arrogant nature of Zeekr, which is why, apparently, the developers tightened the grip of ESP. Maybe they even overdid it: Zeekr drives “virtually”, as if it had turned on the easiest mode in a computer game. This simplicity is deceptive, because there is no complete insurance once morest fools, but if the driver has not made a mistake with the initial speed in the turn, then you can then press the pedal and rely on the electronic reins. Oldfags for whom the Porsche 911 or BMW M3 were the standard will find such settings a bit boring: at some point you feel like an operator, not a driver.

In general, ESP can be disabled. I found such an item in the extensive menu, but did not dare to use it. Firstly, the car is unfamiliar, huge and heavy (almost 2.5 tons). Secondly, with such power, the city seems cramped, like riding a motocross bike around the school gym. Avenues seem like streets, streets like courtyard passages. Such a car is asking to be released into the pampas, but another question arises: how long will the battery last?

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