“That shocked me”: Raquel Argandoña criticizes Tonka Tomicic’s new program on sexuality | TV and Show

The Zona de Estrellas panelist assured that she prefers to see the cheerleader on television instead of her online program.

In the new chapter of We can talkthe opinologist Raquel Argandoña referred to his perspective before Tonka Tomicic’s online program, we have to talk about sex, showing her discontent at seeing the new facet of the television host.

Upon entering the space, Argandoña was consulted about that program, showing the promotional video that Tomicic herself shared on social networks.

It was thus that Argandoña assured that “I know Tonka, the morning entertainer, the best morning entertainer on both National Television and Channel 13. I’m not a cartridge, not at all, but it’s hard for me to see Tonka in this format”.

In that, Argandoña criticized the way in which Tonka expresses herself in space, especially for the phrase “we are going to talk about how we Chileans shoot”.

“That thing about ‘shooting’… Tonka was so composed, she was very careful with what she said and I also criticized that in the promo she was going to kiss Betsy Camino on the mouth”, she highlighted.

Regarding this facet, Argandoña pointed out that “that shocked me. I have millions of lesbian friends and I accept them, but seeing Tonka in that situation shocked me. I don’t know if Tonka was always like that, in the sense that he was so liberal and showed himself in a different way..

Also, the panelist Star Zone She also assured that Tomicic had invited her to the program, which she rejected. “I said ‘thank you very much for the invitation, but I’m not going to be any contribution, because I don’t like to talk about sex on television””he remembered.

In any case, he assured that the cheerleader “has every right to reinvent herself. But it’s hard for me to see a Tonka like that. I’m not used to his vocabulary.”

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In that, Jean Philippe Cretton asked Argandoña if he believed that this was a more real version of Tomicic or if it was a performance. “I dont know, if you ask me, I would like it to return to broadcast television. I like Tonka in the morning, I like it a lot, ”she replied.

Raquel Argandoña also made a nod to how Tonka Tomicic has not appeared on television despite her contract with Channel 13. Then, she assured that “13 has not done well without Tonka in the morning”, noting that she believes that the cheerleader can return No problems on TV.

“Until now Channel 13 has not been able to surpass Tonka as a female figure. Several have passed, they have been removed from the program, the programs have ended early, but they still do not get over it, “she closed.

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