The actress Ifigenia Asteriadis died – 2024-05-10 20:02:44

Actress Ifigenia Asteriadis “passed away”.

The news was announced by director Yiannis Kakleas, who had collaborated with her on many shows.

The actress made her last appearance in the show “the accidental death of an anarchist” in the period 2021-2024 at the Gloria theater and directed by Yiannis Kakleas.

Some of the plays he participated in were: Lysistrata, Cyrano, The Day of the String, Bloody Wedding, The Long Day in the Night, Our Little Town, Spheres over Broadway, Italian Straw Hat, etc.

On television he participated in the television series: Anatomy of a Crime, A Life for Elsa, Crimes, Plakas melathron and Department of Morals.

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