The arrest of the Moroccan dancer Hiam during the live broadcast (video)

date of publication:
August 21 2022 1:38 GMT

Update date: August 21 2022 2:40 GMT

On Saturday night, Moroccan police arrested the YouTuber “Aisha Sraidi”, known as the dancer Hiam, while broadcasting a live video. Al-Sareedy, owner of the “Habam Star” channel on

Source: Amina Benivo – Erm News

On Saturday night, the Moroccan police arrested the YouTuber “Aisha Sraidi”, known as the dancer Hiam, while broadcasting a live video.

And Al-Saridi, owner of the “Hebam Star” channel on YouTube, which includes 369,000 participants, and she was telling her followers on Live about her travels to the city of Chefchaouen in northern Morocco the next day, to meet the invitation of one of her friends, when she heard strong knocks on the door, and when she opened the door, the Tariq told her that From the police, he asked her to accompany him.

Hiam asked, “What is the reason?” The answer was, “You will know in the police station, stop the live.” She asked for an opportunity to wear her jilbab, and then the live broadcast ended.

This is not the first time that the dancer, Hiam, has been arrested. She was arrested a year ago, after the uproar caused by a video in which she appeared to insult her three-year-old daughter with obnoxious words, and threaten to expose her to death or indecent assault, because she caused the washing machine to disable.

Her behavior at the time raised suspicions about her drug use, while others confirmed that she was psychologically unstable due to the social conditions she experienced in her life, and she spoke about her in several press interviews.

During the arrest, the police showed her to psychiatry, according to her media statements after her release, and she also admitted that she was receiving sedative treatment prescribed to her by a doctor.

And “Dancer Hiam” does not practice dancing and does not even master it, as she is one of the characters that appeared and became famous during the quarantine period in light of the Corona epidemic, when Aisha Al-Suraidi, a divorced, veiled and mother of two children, decided to turn to the dancer Hiam to get out of poverty, after the financial support that Presented by the state to artists.

The arrest of “The Dancer Hiam” comes 3 days after the arrest of YouTuber “Reda Ould Cheniwa”, on charges of insulting an employee while performing his work.

Where he got into an argument with a member of the security inside the court in Casablanca, while he was intending to file another YouTuber’s complaint, to be arrested and prosecuted.

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