The artist (Angie Khoury) without clothes and showing off her charms and covering her chest with her hands only.. and the audience is in amazement!

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According to what was published by special art news sites, including Nass Press, the Syrian artist, Angie Khoury, published,

An external image in which all red lines were crossed with the aim of gaining more interaction in a cheap way, and activists described it as prostitution and body trading.

The photo that Angie Khoury published on her social media accounts a few days ago showed her completely naked from the top, and she covered her chest with her hands only.

And Engy Khoury wrote in a strange and provocative comment on her picture: “The honorable girl covers herself with her hand, as she does not find clothes,

Whoever asks for a jacket will come to him, and whoever does not want it if he is covered with a pile of clothes will still be a whore.”
The controversial Syrian artist’s tweet was met

A barrage of attacks and vitriol, while activists likened her to prostitutes and to the fact that she earns a living by trading her body.

And last month, the controversial Angie Khoury, whose real name is Najwa Khaliq Allah, was subjected to a wide attack because of what some considered “lack of respect” for the late planet of the East, Umm Kulthum.

Angie Khoury posted on her Twitter account a picture of her in black underwear, commenting: “Who do you love at night, me or Umm Kulthum?”

Comments that attacked Angie Khoury’s appearance and put the late Umm Kulthum with her in an absolutely inappropriate position.

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It is worth noting that Angie Khoury was deported from Dubai to Damascus, after she was caught in an immoral position in a hotel.

And before that, it was a stage from Lebanon to the Emirates because of her case with the artist Qamar.

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