The author of the project is designated for the restoration of the Momalle church: there is more than…

2024-01-07 14:07:00

It was time because, although secured by the municipal authorities, the building was crumbling and parts of it were falling on the ground.

The estimated cost of the work is €601,595. But the Walloon Region, via the AWaP (Walloon Heritage Agency), will contribute €150,000 and the Momalle church factory will contribute €24,789. “It is therefore €426,806 which will be borne by the Municipality of Remicourt. The budget had already had to be increased during a previous budgetary modification. Because of the increase in the price of materials but also because the years have disappeared and the building continued to deteriorate.”

Before that, an inventory had been carried out and the specifications drawn up. But exactly what repairs does the building need? “We will have to renovate the building and redo the exterior masonry; repair the cracks and create two new louvers. The roof covering will also have to be redone, just like the woodwork of the bell tower”adds the alderwoman, who specifies that smaller works, “small but necessary”must also be carried out, “like the restoration of the rooster, the cross and the lightning rod”.

The alderman says she is delighted that this file will become a reality. “It’s a relief to have passed the milestone. Even if the realization will still take time (Editor’s note: a few years at least), it was necessary because this church is a remarkable building which, in addition to its religious past, is a place steeped in history in Momalle.”she said, referring in particular to the Second World War, when the Nazis locked dozens of Momallois in the church with a view to shooting them.

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