“The Bachelor” 2022: Dominik Stuckmann chose her

The drops are sucked, the fair read and the lawn mowed. This year’s “The Bachelor” season ended on Wednesday evening with the awarding of the last rose and with an unusual amount of harmony. Because even the loser has already ticked off the “Bachelor” chapter and quickly “fallen in love” once more. The exact opposite applies to the winner, because yes, they are still a couple.

Everyone knows that people have to make decisions every day. Often even several times and mostly between two things. Getting up or lying down is often the first decision you have to make – even if you’re still far too tired to make meaningful decisions. Then it goes on happily: butter under the chocolate cream or not, coffee or tea, car or bus, work or nap, continue suffering or finally quit, still go to the gym or straight onto the sofa, watch the finale of “Bachelor” to watch see how yourself Stuckmann decided or would you rather do something useful?

Dominik Stuckmann, our bachelor, does not have to worry regarding the last of these decisions, following all he has a small information advantage. But Stuckmann has to make a decision that most of us are spared: Anna or Jana-Maria? Because you will find out next week at the latest when you turn on the television as usual and not Dominik Stuckmann, but mario barth grins from the screen: Wednesday evening was the finale of this year’s “The Bachelor” season.

Jana-Maria: “He is my dream man, he is my lid”

For safety lets RTL Stuckmann bring the viewer up to date once more at the beginning of the last episode: “The last date week is coming up following an incredibly long and intense time,” he explains and believes that he has noticed an internal development because: “I’ve never talked regarding feelings so much in my life.” We noticed that and also how the thing ended. That’s why we’re paying attention to the remaining women at this point and listening to what their feelings are like before the big decision of the bachelor’s degree.

Anna is already in love with him and believes that it should be said: “I’m already in love with him, I think that should be said,” says Anna and RTL gives her the opportunity to do so. And Jana Maria? Right from the start she left no doubt that she would not leave the show without a new man by her side and the selection for “Bachelor” is not that big. Jana-Maria has not changed her opinion in this regard either: “He is my dream man, he is my lid.”

So while the women have already made their decision, our bachelor is still fickle: “I never thought that I would end up building up strong feelings for two women,” admits Stuckmann and is under pressure: “I’m overwhelmed. Totally overwhelmed with the situation right now and emotionally it’s exploding for me right now.” In order to bring the detonations under control, the production company has arranged two more single dates for our bachelor. In this way, remaining questions are to be clarified and framework conditions for a partnership are to be negotiated.

The bachelor has made his decision

This is particularly necessary for Anna, following all she actually wanted to take a sabbatical and travel the world, which gave our bachelor first a stomach ache and then a headache. But because Anna is willing to compromise and wants to make the decision together, nothing stands in the way of a direct election in the final. So nothing except Jana-Maria. Of course, she would also like to have a say in the decision-making process, following all she has “already planned our future.”

“For me there is only him. And for Jana-Maria there is only him,” summarizes Anna the situation following the last two dates. That leaves only the answer to the question who is only available for Dominik Stuckmann. As always, this will be clarified on the last night of the roses and here Stuckmann has a suspicion that it will be “really a very unpleasant moment” when one of the women finds out regarding her silver medal. We’re talking regarding an initial suspicion here, but given the feelings that the women have invested so far, it’s pretty obvious.

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But now we don’t want to beat around the bush any longer, because in the end our bachelor made a decision and a well-founded one at that. Because he listened to his heart and that clearly pronounced a name. But because he packs his basket in many, but above all nice words, our bachelor is not quite right with his idea that it might be an uncomfortable moment. Because when he tells the loser that his heart said Anna and not Jana-Maria, she doesn’t think it’s that great. After a short but unsuccessful renegotiation, Jana-Maria accepts the rejection all in all with dignity and composure.

“We are together and we are very, very, very happy”

Only in the driving limousine does she reveal her emotional life: “I feel a bit fooled. If I had known that from the beginning, I wouldn’t have given so much of myself.” That doesn’t really make sense, because if she had known from the beginning, she would certainly not have gone to the “Bachelor” in the first place, but went straight to the betting shop. But now, on Wednesday evening, following the first acute heartache has subsided, Jana-Maria traditionally has the opportunity to settle a few open accounts with Frauke Ludowig at the following-“Bachelor” hack.

Anna and Dominik are still together and “very, very happy”.


“I’m quite sure that I made the right choice,” explains our bachelor’s winner Anna at the award ceremony, and an illustrious group has gathered at Ludowig’s to go through this choice and others once more: Franzi, Christina Aurora, Emily, Nele, the first and second place winners Anna and Jana-Maria and of course the reason for all this, our bachelor’s degree. But those who expected the big wash of dirty laundry will be disappointed. RTL does not really show incriminating retrospective material, which is why there is little reason to bang your heads followingwards.

Even Jana-Maria shows no will to follow in any way, as she claims to have completed the Stuckmann chapter fairly quickly: “I fall in love very quickly, but I also fall in love very quickly.” So there is no threat of trouble from this side. The question remains whether Anna and Dominik managed the post-“Bachelor” period well and, above all, as a couple.

Anna, who took the whole evening with outward equanimity, gives all those interested information: “I think actions actually say more than a thousand words, that’s why…” says Anna and gives Stuckmann a kiss. “We are together and are very, very, very happy,” Anna pushes to be on the safe side, and since Stuckmann only agrees, the latest season “The Bachelor” ends with plenty of harmony.

Leonard Freier

The twelfth bachelor in the RTL format “Der Bachelor” is currently looking for a woman for life. One or the other of his predecessors has already found them, whether on the show or only followingwards. What are the former “Bachelor” around Leonard Freier and Paul Janke actually doing today?

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