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February 10Shanghai IndexUp 0.17%, the balance of the two cities and the two financing was 1721.352 billion yuan, a decrease of 1.136 billion yuan from the previous trading day.

  securitiesTimes Databao statistics show that as of February 10, the balance of the two financings in the Shanghai stock market was 915.993 billion yuan, a decrease of 1.296 billion yuan compared with the previous trading day; the balance of the two financing in the Shenzhen market was 805.359 billion yuan, an increase of 159 million yuan compared with the previous trading day. ; The total balance of the two cities and financing was 1,721.352 billion yuan, a decrease of 1.136 billion yuan from the previous trading day.

In terms of industries, among the industries to which Shenwan belongs, 16 industries have increased their financing balance. The industry with the largest increase is power equipment, with an increase of 791 million yuan in financing balance; followed by building decoration and household appliances, with an increase of 176 million yuan in financing balance. yuan, 160 million yuan.

In terms of individual stocks, there are 1124 stocks with an increase in financing balance, accounting for 49.65%, of which 112 stocks have an increase in financing balance of more than 5%.The largest increase in financing balance wasChinese Goldthe stock’s latest financing balance was 141 million yuan, an increase of 52.40% over the previous trading day; in terms of stock price performance, the stock rose 9.94% that day, outperforming the Shanghai index; the increase in financing balance was moreCreative TechnologyJiayi Sharesthe financing balance increased by 31.80% and 31.46% respectively.

Among the top 20 stocks with the increase in financing balance, the market performance increased by an average of 2.18%, and the top gainers wereJizhong EnergyAonong BioChina Science and Technology, the increase was 10.07%, 10.00% and 9.97% respectively.The top decliners areHemai Co., Ltd.Adoption of sharesPulian Softwarethe declines were 9.46%, 7.33%, and 5.79%.

Top 20 stocks with increase in financing balance

code short name Latest financing balance (100 million yuan) Increase or decrease from the previous trading day (%) Change on the day (%) Industry
600916 Chinese Gold 1.41 52.40 9.94 Textile and apparel
300941 Creative Technology 1.50 31.80 -4.70 computer
301004 Jiayi Shares 0.21 31.46 7.56 light manufacturing
301098 Jinpu Garden 0.28 30.00 2.68 Building Decoration
688032 Hemai Co., Ltd. 1.40 28.60 -9.46 Electrical Equipment
301024 Hope Shares 0.26 26.01 1.39 Building Decoration
688768 Rongzhi Rixin 0.22 25.85 -3.77 Equipment
002548 Jin Xinnong 1.05 24.74 9.96 Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries
301122 Adoption of shares 0.66 23.48 -7.33 Pharmaceutical biology
300958 Construction repair 0.55 20.68 2.71 environmental Protection
301123 Yidong Electronics 0.54 19.44 1.15 electronic
000937 Jizhong Energy 5.21 17.15 10.07 coal
300996 Pulian Software 1.15 16.86 -5.79 computer
603363 Aonong Bio 2.63 16.45 10.00 Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries
601858 China Science and Technology 0.94 16.41 9.97 media
301159 3D world 0.48 16.20 2.58 computer
603399 Jixiang shares 2.74 15.82 4.36 non-ferrous metals
301025 Reader culture 0.44 14.84 2.13 media
688270 Zhen Lei Technology 0.24 13.56 -2.86 Equipment
300942 Yirui Bio 0.91 13.41 2.93 Pharmaceutical biology
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Compared with the substantial increase in leveraged funds, the financing balance of 1,140 shares has declined, of which 59 have a decline of more than 5% in the financing balance.Jiuqi Co., Ltd.The financing balance has dropped the most. The latest financing balance is 16 million yuan. Compared with the previous trading day, the financing balance has dropped by 27.88%;Sham Shui PoGourmet foodetc., the financing balance decreased by 23.59% and 18.64% respectively.

Top 20 stocks with declining financing balance

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