The best MMORPGs to play today

2023-07-12 17:16:00

Anyone who is really a fan of MMOs knows how difficult it is to find a new title to play. You also know how frustrating it is to see the title you currently play go downhill. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of reviews on which MMORPGs are still worth playing in 2023. Some have died, others are more alive than ever. There are also specific ones for one audience or another. The criteria used to form this list is a personal experience of years playing all the titles below.

Final Fantasy XIV

Imagem: Square Enix

Final Fantasy is one of the most important franchises in history, being one of the big names in the RPG genre. As for the MMORPG, the situation is not very different either, with Final Fantasy XIV being a title that knew how to reinvent itself to achieve success.

Launched under much criticism and with great public disapproval, the game underwent a complete change and managed to regain the confidence of players, starting to be considered a great MMORPG today.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Image: Bethesda

The Elder Scrolls is another great RPG franchise that also arrived in the genre focused on online multiplayer. With The Elder Scrolls Online, the saga continues to expand, allowing players to explore this fantastic world alongside other companions. With all the classes and races already known from TES, the title offers a very complete experience.

Something very interesting for fans of The Elder Scrolls is the fact that the MMORPG has received several expansions that explore the universe of the saga, diving into the lore and presenting even more details regarding regions and characters. The title is excellent for anyone wanting to dive deep into an online adventure set in one of the most famous universes in video games.

Diablo Immortal

Image: Blizzard

Diablo Immortal also had a troubled launch and was heavily criticized, much because of the microtransactions that displeased players and were considered something that made the title a pay-to-win. However, Blizzard’s famous saga is too big not to be considered a good option.

A differential of Immortal is that the game becomes very accessible because it is available for free for cell phones. On the mobile platform, Immortal is a heavyweight MMORPG that can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime, with many of the main features of the franchise that has become one of the main names among action RPGs.

Black Desert Online

Imagem: Pearl Abyss

Black Desert’s biggest selling point is its graphics. The game’s very beautiful settings draw attention, with the title having a cutting-edge look that may be the best among today’s MMORPG. You also notice this fact in the modeling of the characters, with this being another highlight.

In addition, the game has a very robust customization, allowing you to create your character exactly as you want, with very advanced details. In gameplay, Black Desert also has some mechanics that differentiate it from other options on the market, such as the system used to use skills.

Albion Online

Imagem: Sandbox Interactive

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Set in a medieval fantasy open world, Albion Online is all regarding exploration and intense combat. With both strategy and craft elements, the game can be checked out for free by any player.

Albion Online has no class system in combat, meaning your abilities are defined solely by the weapons and armor you’re wearing. With the game offering many options, you are free to test the equipment that best fits your gameplay style, choosing how you want to face the challenges.

Tower of Fantasy

Image: Hotta Studio

If you like anime traits and a world full of bright colors, Tower of Fantasy is an MMORPG that can offer just that. Fans of Genshin Impact might even notice some similarities between the games.

Hundreds of years in the future, you embark on a journey on the planet of Aida, with the game having many sci-fi elements to develop its world and plot. One of the title’s proposals is to offer an immersive open world, just as the gameplay tries to offer a different experience with each character used by the players.

New World

Image; Amazon Games

The island of Aeternum is shaped by magic and many mysteries are part of this world’s history. In the MMORPG developed by Amazon Games, you explore this place as you get closer to the truth regarding the island, with challenges and opportunities arising along the way.

With many weapons and powers that can be used, the game offers a brutal melee combat system, with the player being able to decide how to face each situation. When choosing your gear, you can opt for different approaches while making your gameplay style quite varied.

World of Warcraft

Image: Blizzard

Launched in 2004, World of Warcraft can be considered the most important MMORPG in history. Developed by Blizzard, the title conquered generations of fans and dominated the top of the genre. The most interesting thing is that the good old WoW is still an excellent option even today.

Still receiving updates and major expansions with many new features, World of Warcraft remains one of Blizzard’s main products on the market. Whether for veteran players or newcomers, the iconic title is still very captivating and fun.

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