The Best Times to Upgrade Your Gear at the Blacksmith – Diablo IV

2023-06-14 18:05:00

The article on optimizing experience gain on Diablo 4 has interested many players. Today, I suggest you take a look at the levels that exist for improving items. As you know, it is possible to improve an item at the blacksmith. However, it is more interesting to do it at certain specific times.

In an article published on Reddit, ThatJumpyJumpS touches on a very interesting topic. This can be useful for defeating an elite monster that is causing trouble or for optimization.

In the manner of Diablo II and its all-important milestones, Diablo IV also has levels where the improvement of objects passes a particular course. In other words, upgrading an item at a specific time will bring you substantial benefits, and sometimes it’s better to wait for the right moment than to randomly upgrade your gear.

To take a concrete example:

  1. You have an ilvl 337 item.
  2. You go to the blacksmith to improve it. It costs you materials.
  3. You gain power. Great.
  4. No, actually, you should have waited until you had an ilvl 340 item because the benefits would have been much higher.

Indeed, a level 340 item is a tier 3 item, while the ilvl 337 item is tier 2. This means that the tier 3 item has access to more elements than the other: stats, bonuses skills, etc.

If you are at the heart of Tier 3, for example with ilvl 400 items, you can go to the Blacksmith and spend your compositions. On the other hand, if you are about to pass a tier, it is better to wait a bit and get items from the higher tier.

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Bearing Item level
1 1-149
2 150-339
3 340-459
4 460-624
5 625-724
6 725+

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