The Bizarre Story of a Hong Kong Political Figure

2024-02-20 11:04:45

How chaotic has Hong Kong’s politics been since the handover? This can be seen from the story of a “great bewitched” character. The trial of Jimmy Lai’s case resumed today. Evidence revealed that Lai named Chen Peimin, the vice president of “Apple”, to ask Liu Xiliang to write comments, but there was no detailed explanation of who he was. In fact, his story is “as long as a piece of cloth.” During the turbulent years in Hong Kong, although he had a strong pan-democratic background, he was able to thrive in both political circles and the media circles, and dealt with political parties, chief executives, media tycoons and financial groups. The most dramatic thing is that Tsang was highly regarded by Tsang and became an important member of the “big house”. He worked in the Chief Executive’s Office every day, which had a slight impact on Tsang’s policies. It can be said to be very bizarre and strange.

Liu Xiliang once became an important “internal” member of Chief Executive Donald Tsang. Whether he is an “Infernal Affairs” member of the opposition is still a mystery.

After graduating from CUHK, Liu Xiliang joined the Hong Kong Alliance, the predecessor of the Democratic Party, to do research because of his passion for politics. At that time, the leader of the pro-democracy movement had frequent contacts with Li Zhiying. Liu Xiliang’s “ghost talent” was appreciated by Li and he was roped into “Next Weekly” to do political news. This was the first time the two became acquainted.

He was later promoted by Zheng Jinghan, the “Zheng Taiban”, to take up the banner of the “Tea Cup” magazine he founded and served as the editor-in-chief. Later, the publication was acquired by the Tom Group, and the owner of the group was Zhou Kaixuan, a strong business woman.

Hong Kong experienced great turmoil in 2003. A year later, Chief Executive Tung Bo stepped down due to “sore feet.” Tsang sat upright, high-spirited and ambitious, trying to break through the difficulties of the then government. As we all know, “Taipan Cheng” is a close friend of Tsang Yam-quan. He often makes suggestions behind the scenes and introduces his right-hand man Liu Xiliang to the chief executive to help plan new strategies.

At that time, Tsang was very concerned about how to “manage” the pan-democrats in order to successfully implement administrative reforms, hoping to achieve great success, so he hoped that Liu Xiliang, who had a pan-democratic background and a “confused mind”, could become his top soldier. Therefore, in February 2006, the Chief Executive appointed Liu Xiliang as a full-time adviser to the Central Policy Group. He also worked directly in the Chief Executive’s Office and was regarded as a member of the “big internal team”.

This phenomenon, which is very abnormal in the traditional government ecology, has been promoted for several years. It is still unclear whether Liu Xiliang really helped Tsang Yam-kuan carry out administrative reforms, or whether he had a dual identity and was the “infernal Affairs” of the opposition infiltrating into the core of the government. It’s hard to distinguish between humans and ghosts.

In 2012, the chief executive changed his dynasty and Leung Chun-ying ascended to the throne. Of course, Liu Xiliang could no longer gain a foothold. At this time, he no longer had to worry about anything, and immediately revealed his true form, and founded the “Home Field News” with a group of people, which was the predecessor of the “Legend News” that was later suspected of inciting unrest.

After Tsang Yam-kuen was elected as the Chief Executive, he wanted to use new strategies to break through the government's difficulties. He recruited Liu Xiliang to join the Chief Executive's Office, hoping to make a difference. Later, after Leung Chun-ying came to power, Liu Xiliang was kicked out.

After Tsang Yam-kuen was elected as the Chief Executive, he wanted to use new strategies to break through the government’s difficulties. He recruited Liu Xiliang to join the Chief Executive’s Office, hoping to make a difference. Later, after Leung Chun-ying came to power, Liu Xiliang was kicked out.

At the same time, he and Jimmy Lai also went deeper and deeper, using “Apple Daily” as a platform to launch their attacks. The two also opened microphones from time to time, and their remarks became more and more intense. They not only bombarded the Hong Kong government and promoted “rebellion”, but also Point the finger at the “totalitarian Chinese Communist Party”.

When Jimmy Lai was arrested and detained at the end of 2020, Liu Xiliang also realized that he was in a high-risk situation, so he plotted to escape far away. In April 2021, he sold a mansion in North Point at a high price to cash in, making a profit of NT$31.5 million. Then he hurriedly moved to Vancouver with his family. Spending a huge sum of money to build an apartment.

The biggest difference between him and other pan-democratic bosses is that he has always been a “big demagogue”, so after many years of coquettishness, he can still escape with fame and fortune, while other “brothers” who are in prison can only sigh in vain !

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During the trial of Jimmy Lai’s case, Next Media CEO Zhang Jianhong disclosed something: On April 26, 2019, Boss Lai ordered him to make a big news about Lin Rongji’s exile in Taiwan, so as to stimulate the “428 anti-extradition march”, and the second Days later, Lin Rongji appeared on the front page of Apple. This “rebellious” little character has remained unknown since he moved to Taiwan. All that is known is that he has been working hard to apply for settlement for more than four years, but has been ignored by the DPP government. His “bitter love” has been fruitless for a long time and seems to have become an abandonment. However, things took a turn for the better after Lai Ching-te was elected president. The authorities issued him a Taiwan ID card on the 24th of last month. In order to settle in Taiwan, he expressed his loyalty several times and claimed to support “Taiwan independence”. Now it has finally yielded results, which shows that Lai Qingde may be impressed by him and intends to accept him as a “chess piece.”

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Causeway Bay bookstore owner Lam Wing-kee has been in exile in Taiwan for nearly five years. His application for settlement has been delayed. Even though he has expressed his “support for Taiwan independence” many times, there has been no result. It was not until shortly after Lai Ching-te was elected that he was finally issued a Taiwan ID card.

Causeway Bay bookstore owner Lam Wing-kee has a complex background. When the Hong Kong government proposed the “Fugitive Offenders Bill” in 2019, he was afraid of being “sent to China” and hurriedly left Taiwan. In the past five years, his situation has been miserable. Apart from sending congratulatory flower baskets to the reopened Causeway Bay Bookstore, Tsai Ing-wen has been ignored by the government. The bookstore is in dire straits. To make matters worse, he has applied to the authorities for settlement many times, but has failed to do so. I have hit the wall repeatedly, but with no results. I don’t know how many years and months it will last.

Generally speaking, if Hong Kong people are approved to reside in Taiwan temporarily, they will have the opportunity to obtain permanent residence status and receive identity cards in about one and a half years. However, Lam has been waiting for more than four years, and there is still no news about the situation. This situation is not unique to him. Many Hong Kong people who have immigrated to Taiwan have been delayed again and again in their applications for settlement. According to official figures, 46,000 Hong Kong people have been granted temporary residence in the past five years, but only about 8,000 have been approved to settle. , it can be seen that the authorities are very tight, mainly because they are worried about “infiltration by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Lam Wing-kee may have no other choice but to make a desperate effort to settle in Taiwan. Therefore, he has publicly expressed his feelings several times, saying that if he gets an ID card, he can “justifiably stand up and promote Taiwan’s independence.” When the time comes, he will say ” I am a Taiwanese and I advocate Taiwan’s independence. What’s the problem with that?” He even vowed that if the mainland attacks Taiwan, he is willing to take a gun and fight for Taiwan.

Lam was more “Taiwan independent” than the pro-independence elements in Taiwan. Perhaps this firm stance finally moved Lai Ching-te. Eleven days after he was elected president, the authorities issued a Taiwan ID card to Lam on January 24.

After receiving his ID card, Lin revealed to the online media “Chasing News” that shortly after the Causeway Bay Bookstore reopened in Taipei, Lai Ching-te paid a low-key visit. The two talked for more than 20 minutes and found Lai to be open-minded and organized, “not a traditional person.” ” It is estimated that after Lai comes to power, the government will have the opportunity to relax Hong Kong’s immigration policy and try to restore the confidence of Hong Kong people who move to Taiwan.

Lai Ching-te visited Lin Rong-kee at the Causeway Bay Bookstore in Taipei a few years ago. Lin believed that after Lai became president, he would relax the policy of emigration from Hong Kong to Taiwan.

Lai Ching-te visited Lin Rong-kee at the Causeway Bay Bookstore in Taipei a few years ago. Lin believed that after Lai became president, he would relax the policy of emigration from Hong Kong to Taiwan.

Lam Wing-kee was issued a Taiwan ID card at this time. It seems to be no coincidence in timing. Lai Ching-te claimed that he was a “pragmatic Taiwan independence worker” and had his own “pragmatic” strategy on how to use Hong Kong people like Lam Wing-kee who support Taiwan independence. Compared with Tsai Ing-wen, he may be more aggressive in this regard.

Hong Kong politicians currently living in Taiwan, in addition to Lam Wing-kee, include “Occupy Central 2 Sons” Pastor Zhu Yaoming and Chen Jianmin. The former is devoted to writing and will hold a press conference for his new work “The Bell Ringer” in Taipei this Thursday, while the latter is currently Served as a visiting professor in the Department of Sociology, National Chengchi University. The two have kept a distance from politics for the time being. Whether they will become active in the future depends on the attitude of the Lai Ching-tak government.

Judging from Lai Ching-tak’s acceptance of Lam Wing-kee as a chess piece, he may make new moves towards Hong Kong after taking office. The Hong Kong government must pay close attention and be careful.

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