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The bridegroom who lost a lover from a trailer hit Farewell in front of the crematorium Say, we are married, show the ring, netizens mourn sad atmosphere

December 12, 2022, Mr. Chonthit Boonlum, 30 years old, as the groom who lost her lover, Ms. Nattakarn Sudkong, following the two were married on December 25 from an accident of a drunk tow truck crashing into the rear of the bridegroom’s car Until he slides down to compress the body of the future bride who is waiting on the roadsideFacebook postin front of the crematorium while burning the body of the future bride “We’re married, Nut Nuttakarn, I love you the most.”

In which the post said, there were people who came to express their great regret. In this regard, the cremation ceremony of S. Nattakarn took place at Wat Sriphukradueng Phatthanaram, Phukradueng District, Loei Province, in the midst of great grief and sorrow. both family, relatives and Thai society

read news Lie in front of the coffin, not far away. The bridegroom is sad. Reflecting on his 10-year love life, he has always been there. before the accident took away his girlfriend

For such an accident occurred in front of a factory in the area of ​​Moo 2, Suwannasorn Road, Pa Kha Subdistrict, Ban Na District, Nakhon Nayok Province, the incident occurred on December 8.

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