the Brit wants to build a potash plant in Morocco

Britain’s Emmerson is preparing to launch a new potash plant in Morocco. This project required several years of technical studies and a fundraising of 47 million dollars.

At a time when the cost of potash is skyrocketing due in particular to the Russian-Ukrainian war, the British company Emmerson has decided to invest in a mine in Khemisset. She says she is ready to start work on the first African potash plant there. The London Stock Exchange-listed company had obtained the 19-year mining license through a local firm.

In a press release, the company indicates that the initial investment of the project is estimated at 415 million dollars, but it will be revised upwards, to 450 or 500 million dollars. The feasibility studies carried out confirm Emmerson. The annual following-tax investment turnover might reach $1.4 billion, with an annual potash output set at 810,000 tons. Khemisset “demonstrated an incredibly low pre-production capital cost of $387 million”, which is “less than half of its global average capital intensity”, the British company claimed.

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