The candidate for mayor of Rolando Figueroa adds sectors in Plaza Huincul

2023-05-11 04:05:00

He candidate for mayor of Rolando Figueroa in Plaza Huincul, Claudio Larraza, made an agreement with another political sector. In this case it was aligned with the Neuquén Peronism and the Evita Movement. The deadline for the presentation of alliances and fronts expires on the 23rd of this month, while the candidates will be on June 13. The election will be on July 23.

The candidate who from the outset stood in a column in Community, the political space of Governor-elect Rolando Figueroa, continues with his task and already running the electoral scheduleadvances in talks with other forces.

In this case, the referent of provincial PeronismI, Marcelo Zuniga traveled to Plaza Huincul to seal an agreement and support his figure as well as the Evita Movement locally. The agreement, for the elections of July 23, seeks to contribute “concrete experience of popular organization.”

In this scheme it is that they coincided in being “part of the programmatic assembly of the political project of Plaza Huincul”. Another of the points is to form a collector that aims to achieve those objectives; be an active part of the organic structure of the municipal Executive and have greater recognition for the sector of the popular economy, local production and the entrepreneurial sector.

In this same agreement, they indicated that “we will be a part in order to create hope where only discarding and exclusion appear.”

From these two sectors that join in supporting Larraza, who will fight the current mayor Gustavo Suárez, who is seeking his re-election; (The candidacies of the Front and the Neuquén Participation still need to be defined), the local referents Juan Claris, Nicolás Orellano and Sabrina Rey are added.

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They are joined by Lorena Barabini, a referent of Neuquén Peronism, Verónica Madrazo of the Neuquén Renewal Front and Juana Vázquez, a provincial referent of the Evita Movement.
“It is extremely important to add to these agreements that find us in the streets working side by side. With the Peronists of Plaza Huincul in this way, we are going to work to improve the lives of our neighbors,” Larraza said at the meeting.

While Zúñiga said that: “We are here to give continuity to the Neuquén spring by the hand of Rolo Figueroa, to support the compañeros and compañeras who advanced in closing this agreement committed to making this city a place for everyone, full of opportunities” .

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