“The Coronation of King Charles III: England’s Most Spectacular Ceremony in a Generation”

2023-05-03 07:49:00

Buckingham Palace and the organizing committee revealed The coronation of King Charles III will be England’s most spectacular in a generation. And also contributes to stimulating the economy to come back to life as well

King Charles and Queen Camilla will be crowned at Westminster Abbey On Saturday, May 6, the coronation of the British monarch is an old tradition that has been passed down for 1,000 years and thousands of British soldiers will participate in the royal procession, which will be about 1 mile

“This is a proud moment in our history.” Earl Marshall Edward Fitzalan-Howard Duke of Norfolk who is the highest senior nobleman of England and was born into a family responsible for royal ceremonies since 1483.

“This is also the time for us to realize and take pride in what a great nation we are. and an unwritten constitution which does its job well. over a period of more than 1,000 years of history.”

About 7,000 soldiers will participate in this coronation ceremony, of which 4,000 will be in the procession. From Westminster Abbey back to Buckingham Palace Which King Charles III and Queen Camilla will leave the window at about 2:15 p.m.

The British Royal Household has announced that This ceremony is different from the one of Queen Elizabeth II, reflecting a different era. The coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey on Saturday will be attended by just 2,300 guests, compared to the Queen’s 1953 ceremony, which was attended. up to 8,000 people, including various ceremonial procedures has been reduced to shorten the time as well

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Still, anti-royal groups and some critics can’t help but question the “cost” of holding the ceremony. While many British people are facing a high cost of living crisis.

A spokesman for the Bureau of the Royal Household cited the report, which said This coronation will help generate more than 1 billion pounds of money in the economy, or about 42.6 billion baht.

“I can’t say how accurate this number is. but in theory Hosting a celebration is a great boost to the country’s economy,” said a Royal Household spokesman. He added that the presence of heads of state and traveling to attend the ceremony is also a good opportunity to build a “network”.

Consulting firm Pantheon Macroeconomics estimates that the government’s additional holidays for financial institutions during the coronation ceremony It will bring UK GDP down 0.2% month-on-month in May.

Source: Archyde.com

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