The Dangers of Ignoring Symptoms: One Man’s Journey With Late-Diagnosed Cancer

2023-12-16 16:58:18

British Liam Griffiths decided not to consult a doctor when the first signs emerged.

It is common for people to relegate their own health to the background. Whether due to lack of time or simply the belief that the discomfort will disappear on its own, many choose to ignore symptoms that could be signs of more serious problems.

Britain’s Liam Griffiths, like so many others, chose not to see a doctor when his initial symptoms emerged. The result: a late diagnosis of cancer.

Griffiths was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and later peritoneal cancer after ignoring symptoms for months. What he initially attributed to temporary discomfort turned out to be a serious mistake that he now regrets.

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A while ago, Griffiths began experiencing stomach bloating, chronic constipation, cramps and nausea. Instead of seeking medical help immediately, she chose to downplay his symptoms as temporary discomforts.

In his own words, he admitted that he “played the man” by not paying attention to his own body’s signals. “I did what I thought a man should do. He was taking the reins,” the 31-year-old told Daily Mail.

Finally, when the discomfort became unbearable, Griffiths consulted a doctor, only to discover that he had stage three advanced cancer. “Not having been examined sooner is the biggest mistake I have ever made,” he said ruefully.

“They discovered that my cancer was advanced to stage three, but if I had gone to see the doctor sooner, maybe they could have detected it,” the man told the British newspaper.

He attributes his reluctance to seek early medical attention to the need to continue with his normal life, since he was self-employed: “I needed the money, so I kept going.”

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When questioned about his life expectancy, his doctor declined to provide a specific time frame for him to fully live out the time he has left. “My mother wants to take a train trip, we want to make memories together before she has to leave,” said the man from Middlesbrough, United Kingdom.

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Before the illness, Griffiths considered himself the healthiest man, committed to daily exercise. Now, his health has declined, to the point that even climbing the stairs has become a challenge. “I was the healthiest man in the world. I trained every day, but now I can’t even walk up the stairs without sweating,” he said.

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Many people in the world have been harmed by different types of cancer. Unfortunately, several of them are in an advanced stage of the disease, a situation that often occurs due to ignoring the first symptoms.

Recently, a renowned American actress detailed that she has cancer and told how he has faced this situation. Despite his optimism, his chances of staying alive are not great because he is in an advanced stage of the disease.

Given this, many specialists have given keys to avoid suffering from the disease. Food is essential, especially the consumption of some fruits and vegetables.

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