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“Just as Russia was excluded from contests and Eurovision after the invasion of Ukraine, Israel should be excluded until it puts an end to its flagrant violations of international law, which result in thousands of victims, especially children,” the culture minister said. of Belgium’s Linar on Platform X some time ago.

Of course, she is not the only one who has reacted to this development since there are many who consider it unfair and reprehensible for Israel to be at this year’s event in Malmö.

Eurovision 2024, which will take place between May 7 and 11 in Malmö, Sweden, could well be the most politically controversial song contest ever, according to observers according to the Guardian. “This Eurovision will be the most politically charged ever because of the Israeli war on Gaza and the humanitarian situation there,” says Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism expert at the Swedish Defense University in Stockholm.

Swedish Police are preparing for multiple protests in the city of Malmö during Eurovision week. Meanwhile, there is a possibility of stage invasions and noise during Israel’s televised appearances, says Magnus Ransthorpe, adding that security should be tight.

Martin Osterdahl, the European Broadcasting Union’s (EBU) executive supervisor for Eurovision 2024, insisted that Israel’s entry did not receive special treatment.

“My team and I look at every piece, and in many cases members contact us in advance before the consultation if they are unsure,” he said, adding: “During this pre-consultation, the member from Israel contacted us when they had two final songs. We looked at them and said, “Sorry, we don’t think these will pass, so you’ll have to fix them either by amending or resubmitting.” In the end they officially submitted the modified song titled “Hurricane”.

However, Martin Osterdahl declined to comment on what organizers will do if the crowd boos Israel or if an artist makes an ad-hoc statement on stage, saying they will appeal to attendees “to focus on what unites us.” , not in what separates us”.

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Eurovision 2024 – This year’s representative of Israel

With the song “Hurricane”, performed by Eden Golan, Israel is represented at Eurovision 2024.

The beautiful representative is originally from Israel, but has lived part of her life in Russia. In 2018, he was introduced to the public through the 5th season of the Russian The Voice Kids, where he reached the grand finale! Collaborations with big names followed, until 2023 when the proposal for Eurovision came.

“I ended up [να διαγωνίζομαι] in a not simple year. But on the other hand, I want to represent the country even more this year because of its meaning – it has a completely different meaning. And we can convey everything we feel and everything the country is going through in those three minutes. To speak through song to the world,” she said.

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