The dates of the final phases of the 2024 Olympics are known

While we still have to wait two years before seeing the start of the Paris Olympic Games, the calendar of competitions is already starting to come out. Who wants the schedule for the final stages?

As we wrote a few days ago, we have officially passed under the two-year threshold. Two years before what? Before the start of the 2024 Olympics of course. In less than 730 days now, Nicolas Batum, Marine Johannès, Laëtitia Guapo or even Antoine Eito for the 3×3 will be able to tackle serious things. Objective ? Go and scratch an Olympic medal at home, if possible the most beautiful, with an audience all committed to the tricolor cause. For that, it will be necessary to shine in the competition and we already know the dates of a potential triumph for our Blues via the Paris 2024 Twitter page.

For the 3×3 finals, which will be organized as a reminder Place de la Concorde, they will take place on August 5, 2024 while the final phases of the basketball competitions (in 5vs5) will take place from August 6 to 11. No additional details on the exact organization but we can imagine that the quarters would take place on Tuesday 6, the semi-finals on Thursday 8 and the small final / Final duo on the weekend. We therefore hope that the evening of August 11 will be a day to mark a milestone in the history of French basketball. Despite an already rich track record (3 silver medals for the boys, including one at the last Olympic Games and a silver medal in 2012 for the girls), French basketball is still waiting for its first golden charm and this tournament organized at home is the perfect opportunity to fill the trophy cabinet. Four talented teams, real chances of medals for each, how many at the finish? That is what we will see in a little less than two years.

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We know the dates of the final phases of the 2024 Olympics and that already makes us want to be there! For those who want to put down the RTTs to take full advantage of the competition, you have all the information to go see the boss a little in advance.

Source texte : page Twitter Paris 2024

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