The deterioration of the 13-year-old rare disease is predicted to “not make it through this year.” The actress of the local drama burst into tears: He left and I followed | Entertainment | CTWANT

Chen Manfei’s son suffers from a rare disease and was predicted by a fortune teller that he would not survive this year. (Photo/Reposted from Chen Manfei’s Facebook page)

Actress Li Yurou (current name: Chen Manfei) is a regular member of “Joking about Taiwan”. After marriage, she has a pair of children. The 13-year-old eldest son suffered from the rare disease AADC (aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase deficiency). It was revealed on the Internet that her son was predicted by a fortune teller that he might not survive this year, which made her lose the motivation to live and burst into tears: “If he leaves, I think I will follow!”

Chen Manfei is on the show“Fate is Fun”It is mentioned that her daughter is very healthy, but her son suffers from a rare disease, and his condition is getting worse and worse. After a gene therapy, he could already sit on his own, but soon he became weak again. Last year, she asked a fortune teller for help, hoping to help her son I changed my name to see if I could change my luck. I didn’t expect the other party to call and say: “I don’t want to touch your child”, “Your child will be gone this year (2022)”, even if you can survive this year (2023) ), “I won’t change the name for a child like this, just let him go!”

Chen Manfei said frankly that if her son left, she would not be able to survive. (Picture/Recap from Destiny Fun Official Channel YouTube)

Chen Manfei said sadly that she has experienced the death of her parents, brothers and children, among which the child is the most troublesome, “If he leaves, I think I will follow!” She thinks that her son is very rough and will choke on almost every meal, ” In fact, most of the children who got this disease choked to death, and no one really died because of this disease. In addition to the new crown virus, my son already has pulmonary fibrosis.

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Chen Manfei said frankly that she didn’t know what to do, her son was her life, “I am really grateful in my arms”, when the doctor told her son that he would not live to be 3 years old, so she stayed in the hospital every day to take care of him and accompany him, and finally survived. Now hearing this bad news, she was deeply shocked, and shouted: “Really, please let me hold on, let’s see who can save him, really.”

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