The doctor assessed the need to take vitamin C with omicron Russian news EN

When infected with an omicron strain of coronavirus, you should not take vitamin C. This is how Anna Korenevich, a cardiologist, candidate of medical sciences, assessed the need for such treatment in a video on her YouTube-channel.

“The effectiveness of vitamin C in any viral infections has not been proven in scientific clinical studies – double-blind, randomized trials. Does not work. And the stomach hurts every second who takes vitamin C during a cold, ”said the doctor.

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At the same time, she emphasized that it is not necessary to abandon vitamin C in its natural form. You can add lemon, oranges, tangerines to your diet, as well as drink fruit drinks and compotes with currants, cranberries and raspberries.

Korenevich advised taking vitamin D for ARVI, which are caused by viruses. It affects the exchange of calcium in the body and the condition of the bones, she explained.

“At the background of vitamin D therapy, the number of cardiovascular diseases decreases. Plus, with a sufficient amount of vitamin D in the body, antiviral protection really works better, ”she summed up.

Former nutritionist Ekaterina Matyskina named Russians have a way to take vitamins correctly. She advised not to drink two different monovitamin preparations at the same time.

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