the entire saga is coming to this platform, and it’s coming very soon

Notice to fans of Dragon Ball : the entire Japanese saga will soon be available for streaming! This manga by Akira Toriyama, published in France by Glénat since February 1993, was made extremely popular by the eponymous animated television series produced by Toei Animation. This animewhich has hooked generations of viewers, will now conquer a new audience adept at video-on-demand platforms. We tell you which one below!

Dragon Ball soon in unlimited access!

The complete saga Dragon Ballto know Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball GT et Dragon Ball Superwill soon be available in streaming. This adaptation of one of the most famous manga in history, sold hundreds of thousands of copies around the world, will be to be seen (or seen again) in its entirety on DNA. Also called Animation Digital Network, this site created in 2013 is well known to fans of Japanese animated series and feature films. Dragon Ball et Dragon Ball Z Kai will land on December 15 (perfect for the Christmas holidays), Dragon Ball GT et Dragon Ball Super January 4, 2023 (ideal to watch while digesting end-of-year meals). As for Dragon Ball Zit will be available next year.

THE COMPLETE Dragon Ball saga FINALLY arrives on a streaming platform and it’s obviously on @DNAnime with the VF excluded and VO to come!

November 22, 2022

A surprise teased with three tweets posted on the DNA account forming Son Goku’s attack kameha-meha. You should know that this great classic from Club Dorothée (which people over 40 know well) is still being broadcast. In effect, Dragon Ball Superstarted in 2015, is currently being broadcast. However, not all of these series have had the same success: unlike Dragon Ball et Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT has been heavily criticized. The reason ? It is an unofficial production, the creator of the saga, Akira Toriyama, having neither participated in the writing nor the development. Perhaps this streaming will be an opportunity for fans to find qualities in him that they had omitted on first viewing…

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