The era of K-pop girl group heyday, what is the reason?

Make sure you’re popular
Peer group support also plays a role

Recently, female idols have been receiving a lot of attention from the public to the extent that they are called ‘the heyday of K-pop girl groups’.

If you look at the Melon charts in the fourth week of August and the first week of September, all but two songs in the top 10 are female idol songs.

New Jeans, Ive, and Black Pink are representative girl groups that occupy the top spot on the charts.

Choi Gwang-ho, secretary general of the Korea Music Contents Association, explained, “Girl groups’ share in music sales in the first half of this year has risen to 78%.

Music critic Lee Gyu-tak and former idol trainer In Ji-woong agreed that female idols were able to gain their current popularity because they strategically pursued popularity.

This reviewer said, “It has become difficult to find popular songs among male idols after BTS, but female idols aimed well at the majority of fans who wanted popular songs. evaluated.

Various concepts of female idols such as ‘narcissism’ (Ive) and ‘teen innocence’ (New Genes) are also popular factors.

Former trainer In said, “The group that was active at the time of the transition from the 3rd generation to the 4th generation was dominated by the girl crush concept, and fans gave negative feedback because of the lack of diversity. Because of that, after that, female idols came out with a concept that did not overlap.”

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This reviewer also cited the support of female youth as one of the factors of popularity.

“Women and teenagers are enthusiastic about New Jeans and Ive, which have teenage members, because they consume it as ‘wannabe’ rather than just a singer,” he explained.

Article/Video = Reporter Yoon Seong-yeon

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