The expert gave advice to novice motorists 10/21/2023

2023-10-21 16:38:00

When purchasing a car, it is advisable to set aside at least 0.5% of its cost to purchase goods for it, advised Maxim Sokolov, an expert at the online hypermarket, in a conversation with RT. Also, according to him, in the car, in addition to a set of documents, you must have a first aid kit, a warning triangle, a tow rope, a spare wheel and a tire repair kit.

After some time, you can purchase a video recorder, parking sensors, a navigator and tools. In this case, it would not be superfluous to monitor seasonal demand. For example, it is better to purchase winter tires in the summer, since their prices will not be inflated. The situation is similar with the purchase of other car care products in winter.

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“You can buy windshield wiper blades and car batteries at any time, but it is advisable to do this in advance to avoid additional costs and waiting for delivery,” the specialist said.

As for the money to buy things necessary for the car, Sokolov recommends setting aside at least 0.5% of the cost of the car for this. So, if a car was purchased for 1 million rubles, then you can allocate from 5 thousand rubles for the purchase.

In addition, beginners should also remember or write down the driver’s license number, the date of issue and its validity period, the series and number of the vehicle registration certificate, contact details of the insurance company (telephone, address), emergency phone numbers (Ministry of Emergency Situations, police, ambulance), traffic police telephone number, contacts of a car service center and a spare parts store, addresses of gas stations with high-quality fuel, telephone numbers of evacuation services, the expert concluded.

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